About Us

We are living in a totally unprecedented time for film and television, with so many high-budget productions being released every single month, and with so many different ways to watch them, such as streaming services and state-of-the-art theaters, there has never been a better time to be into TV and film.

That is why I decided to put together TvHulk.com, to act as the go-to resource for fans of all things film and TV! On this website, I’ll be bringing you some of the best trivia surrounding some of the world’s best films and television, as well as some behind-the-scenes insight into them. This also includes direct insight into the locations where certain productions have been filmed, so that you can see the real-world places that have brought some of your favorite fictional locations to life.

Hi, my name is Miranda Davies, and I’ve loved film and television all of my life. Some of my earliest memories involve me and family or friends catching the latest movies, or reclining on the couch to catch some awesome television, and I want to share that passion with fellow fans like you!

The best way to celebrate film and television is to chat about it with people as equally passionate as you, so this website will be dedicated to being a hub for those that want to chat about their obsessions in a safe and welcoming environment that is fun to visit!