Movies About Toys

Movies About Toys

Films about toys and their ability to come to life are a genre that has risen in popularity over the last few decades.

With entertaining films like Toy Story and Small Soldiers propelling the toy movie industry forward, we now have hundreds of fantastic films to choose from.

While it may seem like a genre primarily aimed at children, there are plenty of options for every age group.

From fun-loving toys to terrifying dolls that want to cause destruction, there’s something for everyone to watch.

Although they differ, one thing always seems to stay the same, they’re all very entertaining to watch.

If you’re looking for a new toy movie to watch or simply want to reminisce about old favorites, this is the place for you.

In this article, we’ll show you the best movies there’s ever been about toys.

Let’s jump straight in!

Movies About Toys

Labyrinth (1986)

One of the oldest, and arguably one of the most famous, movies that focus on toys and their ability to come to life is Labyrinth.

While many of us remember this film for David Bowie and his quite interesting spandex leotard that may have been a bit tight, this dark, gothic fantasy film does brilliantly to play on the idea that toys can come to life.

The film follows Sarah, who takes on the Goblin King with a helping hand from a collection of cuddly friends.

We get to watch Sarah battle to solve the Labyrinth in order to save her little brother from turning into a goblin. 

If you haven’t watched this classic, we promise it’s better than it sounds.

Toy Story (1995)

Pixar treated us to the first computer-animated film in 1995, helping push the animation industry in a new direction.

Set in an animated world where toys come to life, the film focuses on Andy Davis and his favorite toys. 

With 4 films to watch, the first installment of the franchise follows a pull-string cowboy called Woody, who is worried that Andy’s new space ranger toy called Buzz Lightyear is going to replace him. 

Offering adults their daily dose of nostalgia and children lots of laughs, if you haven’t watched Toy Story already, you seriously need to soon.

Small Soldiers (1998)

Another hugely popular movie about toys that helped the genre grow in popularity is Small Soldiers.

In an absolutely fantastic film, we follow our dorky, yet heroic protagonist Alan on his journey to stop a batch of rampaging toy soldiers from destroying a colony of peaceful alien toys. 

You would think things wouldn’t be too hard for Alan as, after all, the soldiers are just toys.

However, when the toys are armed with missile technology, things change quite quickly.

With an interesting storyline and impressive CGI, this is a film the whole family can enjoy.

Annabelle (2014)

Not all movies about toys are fun-loving and entertaining. No, some are completely terrifying, centering around evil toys that are sure to keep you up at night.

One horror film that is sure to have you hiding behind your pillow is Annabelle.

In Annabelle, we get to watch the lives of a happily married couple called Mia and John, who also happen to be expecting their first child.

One day, John brings what he thinks is a good present home for Mia, a doll called Annabelle.

In all honesty, Annabelle already looks a little creepy, but when satanic cultists break into the couple’s property and drip blood on the doll, she quickly gets even creepier.

The Annabelle doll acts as a conduit for ultimate evil, making the couple’s life a living hell.

If you’re brave enough, why not watch as Mia and John try to defeat the evil presence?

Jingle All The Way (1996)

Jingle All The Way (1996)

In Jingle All The Way, Arnie swaps his AK-47 for some holiday-themed fun instead.

The Jingle All The Way film sums up the spirit of Christmas, and our desperate search for the best toys. 

In the film, Arnie plays a workaholic that has failed to put his family first at Christmas. This results in him forgetting to purchase his child’s favorite toy.

Throughout the film, we watch Howard Langston (Arnie) frantically hunt for Turbo Man, the toy his son Jamie desperately wants.

Full of lots of drama, fails, chaos, and destruction, this is a fun film for all to watch at Christmas.

It’s fair to say, after watching this film, you’ll never leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute again. 

Pinocchio (1940)

We might be used to animations voiced by celebrities by now, but it all started with Pinocchio over 70 years ago.

This famous story centers around a puppet who accidentally comes to life. 

After becoming a ‘real boy’, Pinocchio quickly realizes that he can’t tell any lies without his nose getting bigger. 

This historic film actually used real actors to capture the characters’ motion. At the time, this was a pioneering technique that is still being used in CGI today.

Despite being over 70 years old, Pinocchio is still a classic film adored by millions.

Ted (2012)

This movie is solely for the eyes and ears of adults, as it is wholly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

The film tells the story of John Bennet, played by the wonderful Mark Wahlberg, and his childhood teddy bear.

A Boston native, John makes a wish one night, hoping Ted would come to life.

Low and behold, the next morning, Ted was alive. Ted grows up with John, becoming his lifelong friend in the process.

However, things take a turn when John’s girlfriend Lori Collins has enough of Ted. Then there’s Donny, who is determined to kidnap Ted.

What’s so great about this film is how Ted isn’t your typical teddy bear. Ted isn’t cute, cuddly, or child-like. Instead, Ted is an adult in a teddy bear’s body.

He swears, parties, smokes pot and causes chaos with John. If you love a comedy, you’ll love Ted and Ted 2.

Al (2001)

Directed by Steven Spielberg, Al is based on a short story that sees David, an android boy, try his best to find a way to become a real boy, sort of like Pinocchio, but in a twisted way.

In his attempt to become a real boy, David makes friends with a pleasure bot, played by Jude Law.

While this may seem quite surreal, the pleasure bot is actually a teddy bear with more conversational skills than your Alexa.

David’s teddy bear companion comes along for the journey, proving to be the best friend any gadget can have.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best movies about toys there have ever been.

Whether you’re looking for a fun film the whole family can watch or a horror film that will keep you up at night, there is most definitely something for everyone on our list.

We’ve looked at possessed dolls and rampaging toy soldiers, as well as swearing teddy bears and fun-loving toys. 

All you need to do now is pick the film you want to watch next! Enjoy!

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