African American History Quiz

What's Black History Month?

Did you know there's a whole month dedicated to celebrating Black history? It's called Black History Month, and it started way back in 1926, but first, it was just a week called Negro History Week. A smart man named Carter G. Woodson thought it up because he believed that knowing about Black history was really important for everyone. They picked February for this special month because it's when Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, two important figures in the fight for freedom and rights, were born. This part of the quiz is about seeing how much you know about Black History Month and why it's celebrated.

Breaking Barriers

Imagine being the first Black president of the United States! That's exactly what Barack Obama did in 2008, and then he was elected again in 2012, serving two terms. His presidency showed a lot of people that leadership can come from anyone, no matter their background. This quiz question will test what you know about Barack Obama and his big achievements, not just as the first Black president but also for the changes he brought to the country.

Black Athletes Making History

Many Black athletes have done more than just win games; they've helped change society. People like Jackie Robinson, who was the first African American to play Major League Baseball in the modern era, showed that talent doesn't have a color. These athletes not only broke records but also broke down barriers, making it easier for everyone to play sports together. This part of the quiz asks about these amazing athletes and how they used their skills to fight for equality.

The Sound of Change

Black musicians and writers have given us some of the most unforgettable songs and stories in American culture. Their work has told the story of their struggles, hopes, and dreams, influencing not just Black history but American history too. From jazz and hip-hop to poetry and novels, Black artists have used their talents to share their experiences and inspire change. This quiz section explores how Black music and literature have shaped the culture and history of the United States.