What’s Is My Aesthetic? Quiz

What Colors Make You Happy?

Every aesthetic has its own special set of colors. For example, if you love bright and bold colors, you might fit into a pop art aesthetic. If you prefer soft and pastel colors, maybe the cottagecore aesthetic is for you. This part of the quiz helps you figure out which colors you like best and shows you which aesthetic matches those colors. It's like finding out what color palette is perfect for painting your personality!

How Do You Like to Decorate Your Space?

Your room or your favorite space can say a lot about your aesthetic. Do you like to keep things simple and neat, with not too much stuff around? Then you might lean towards a minimalist aesthetic. Or do you love filling your space with plants, books, and cozy blankets? That sounds a bit like cottagecore or boho! This section of the quiz asks about what kind of things you like to have around you to help figure out your aesthetic.

Saturday Plans

What you like to do for fun can tell us a lot about your aesthetic. If you love going on adventures outside, maybe you’re more into the adventure or nature aesthetic. If you like staying in and making art or reading, you might be into the artsy or academic aesthetic. This part of the quiz looks at how you like to spend your free time to help find the aesthetic that fits your hobbies.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Worlds

Think about the pictures you like to look at or take. Do you love pictures of city lights at night, or are you more into photos of the countryside? Maybe you like pictures of cool street art or cute animals. Each type of picture fits a different aesthetic. This quiz section asks about your favorite kinds of pictures to help figure out which aesthetic you’re most drawn to.