Shows Like Broadchurch

Shows Like Broadchurch

The crime drama industry continues to grow from strength to strength, with more and more enjoyable series being released all the time.

However, despite there being so many to choose from, we still find ourselves talking about the crime shows that kept us guessing right until the end.

One that did this best was Broadchurch. Shifting the genre from a typically straight-laced format to a grittier interpretation, Broadchurch had it all.

It had a star-studded cast, a gripping storyline, and three seasons to get ourselves lost in. However, the show came to an end in 2017.

Since then, thousands of other shows have been released, but finding one that lives up to the same hype is difficult. The fact you’re here would suggest you feel the same. 

Luckily for you, we have you covered! We’ve scoured streaming services and found a range of other shows that are exactly like Broadchurch. 

In this post, we’ll share them with you!

Shows Like Broadchurch

Gracepoint (2014)

It seems only fitting to start with the show that was made to replicate the original Broadchurch series.

Airing in 2014, Gracepoint is the Americanized version of Broadchurch, even including the famous David Tennant just like the original program.

While the series follows the same hunt for Danny’s killer, the show still puts its own spin on things, bringing in its own adaptations and charm.

If you want a completely different story, this series might not be best, but if you want to relive the feelings you had of watching Broadchurch, but in a different way, this show is perfect. 

The only downside to this gripping crime series is that it only ran for 10 episodes. 

The ABC Murders (2018)

Those of you looking for something completely new, that will keep you guessing right until the end, will love this intriguing series based on legendary detective Hercule Poirot. 

With an impressive cast featuring Rupert Grint, John Malkovich, and even Andrew Buchan (Danny Latimer’s Dad from Broadchurch), ABC Murders takes us along for the ride with Poirot as he investigates murders he has been baited into solving. 

Poirot must follow clues left by the unknown A.B.C killer in order to catch the culprit.

Made better thanks to incredible performances from the cast, this series is sure to keep you interested. 

The Fall (2013 – 2016)

Based in Northern Ireland, Gillian Anderson plays Metropolitan Police Superintendent Stella Gibson in this thrilling, dark crime series.

She is tasked with tracking down and stopping a vicious serial killer who is responsible for a number of evil attacks and murders against young, professional women. 

Mostly filmed within Northern Ireland, this series is another brilliant British series that became popular very quickly.

One thing that differs slightly from Broadchurch, but adds extra value to the show, is its ability to make you feel sympathy for the killer despite the atrocities he is responsible for.

The Sinner (2017 – Present) 

The next crime drama on our list is The Sinner. Starting in 2017, this series is actually still taking place now, so you have plenty of catching up to do. 

With 32 episodes already available to watch, this interesting series follows an aging detective in his quest for answers for a variety of different cases, each one being violent in nature.

Sharing similarities with series 3 of Broadchurch, the lead detective delves deeply into the motivations behind each case and why they were committed. 

Each time he does so, he realizes each case is much more complex than anyone first thought.

Offering viewers a different crime to solve at home every series, this is the series to watch if you seek a show with rewarding conclusions.

The Killing (2011 – 2014)

The Killing (2011 - 2014)

As far as gritty, dark crime dramas go, The Killing might actually pip Broadchurch to the top spot. 

Following the murder of a young teenage girl called Rosie Larsen, two intriguing detectives with troubling pasts are put together to try and solve the case.

As the two investigate the case, it quickly becomes clear that there is more to the story.

As this goes on, secrets and stories about the victim’s family start to come to light and things start to take a shocking turn.

The relationship the two detectives share in this mind-blowing 44-episode series is just like DS Ellie Miller and DI Alec Hardy’s relationship in Broadchurch.

The Killing’s spine-tingling finale will keep you on the edge of your seat right until the very end. 

Sharp Objects (2018)

Lovers of the film Gone Girl as well as Broadchurch will certainly love Sharp Objects.

Based on a book written by author Gillian Flynn, who also wrote Gone Girl, Sharp Objects has a famous cast led by the wonderful Amy Adams. 

Featuring a mysterious storyline, the reporter, actress Amy Adams, uses her own dark past to try and track down two girls who have tragically disappeared.

Offering plenty of twists and turns, just like Broadchurch, this quite eerie drama will have you questioning everything and everyone.

You’ll also find yourself questioning the mindset of Amy Adams’ character. 

Deadwater Fell (2020)

David Tennant has a knack for finding himself playing a key role in popular crime dramas, Deadwater Fell being no exception. However, everything may not be as it seems in this drama. 

Set in a seemingly normal, quite unspectacular village, tragedy suddenly strikes when all but one member of the Kendrick family perish in a house fire.

While it may seem like an accident at first, the shocking revelation that everyone in the house except the father who survived was drugged turns the investigation into a potential murder inquiry. 

With twists and turns along the way, things only take another turn when more of the Kendrick family’s background is revealed, but is it what you would expect? You’ll just have to watch the show to find out.

True Detectives (2014 – Present)

There are currently 3 seasons and 24 episodes of True Detectives for you to watch. An anthology crime series, this should be more than enough to satisfy your Broadchurch cravings for now. 

Each season talks us through different crimes committed, all of which have long-lasting impacts. In every story, a new piece of vital information is missing.

It is this piece of information that the main detectives try to find. However, more often than not, their own troubled past and personal demons get in the way, causing some serious conflicts along the way.

With an impressive cast, no matter which series you watch, an amazing performance is guaranteed.

The series can get a bit heavy at times, with a large focus on the loss of life, but it is well worth a watch. In fact, it is also quite thought-provoking, too.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 8 great crime dramas to get your teeth sunk into now you’ve finished Broadchurch. 

While you might not think Broadchurch can be topped, a number of the shows on our list are sure to give the show a run for its money.

Whether you like Broadchurch for its intriguing twists, emotional scenes, or gritty nature, there is a show like it on our list that you will enjoy.

Now you know there are shows out there like Broadchurch, why not check out some trailers and choose a show you want to get stuck into next time you settle down to watch television.

We’re certain you won’t be disappointed with any of the shows from this list.

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