Where was Sand Dollar Cove Filmed?


Have you ever watched a movie or television show and wondered where it was filmed?

This happens to us all the time. Whenever we see a nice-looking exotic location on our screen, we have to find out where it was filmed. 

A great example of this is the 2021 film Sand Dollar Cove. The movie is set in a beach-side paradise.

It’s one of those places that looks so beautiful on your TV screen that it makes you want to visit this location.

If, like us, you were mesmerized by this beautiful beach scene, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the filming locations. 


What is Sand Dollar Cove?

Sand Dollar Cove is an American romantic film directed by Fred Gerber. It stars Chad Michael Murray, Aly Michalka, and Clare Bowen as Brody, Eli, and Pam, respectively. 

The story follows Eli, a development project manager working for a real estate company, as she is sent to a beachside home.

Eli is tasked with obtaining this house so that a resort can be built.

However, a local man, called Brody, wants to prevent this. Instead, Brody wants to keep the local pier in its current state.

Originally causing conflict between them, this film explores the relationship between Brody and Eli, who falls for both this neighborhood and this charismatic local.

This film is based on a book by Nancy Naigle, which was released in 2015. The book is also called the Sand Dollar Cove.

If you enjoyed the film adaptation, you may also want to check out the book. 

Released on the 26th of June 2021, this film can be watched on the Hallmark Channel.

If you haven’t seen it and enjoy romantic movies, we strongly encourage you to give it a try.

The Hallmark Channel is renowned for its romantic films. They are known for their high production values and excellent acting.

We also recommend watching some of their other films, such as Love on Harbor Island. 

Where was Sand Dollar Cove Filmed?

Filming for this film started in April 2021. It took place at various locations around Connecticut.

Some of the main filming locations within Connecticut that were used are Noank, Groton Village, Stonington, Esker Point Beach, and Mystic.

Stonington has been used to film other Hallmark Channel productions, such as Holiday for Heroes.

The reason why a few different locations were used is that Sand Dollar Cove is not a real place. As a result, this fictional place had to be recreated from real places. 

Some real shops and businesses in Connecticut were also used as filming locations for this film.

These settings include the Stonington Town Clerk, which was used as the town hall in the film.

Likewise, Carson’s Store, a shop in Noank, was used to film scenes with Chad Michael Murray.

To allow filming to go ahead, this store had to close temporarily. In the film, the shop is given the name “Sand Dollar Cafe.”

The pier at Walnut Beach was a vital filming location for this movie.

It is used as the town pier in the film that Brody is striving to protect. To make it look like the historic pier of the books, the Walnut Beach pier was modified to appear older and more dilapidated. 

If this movie has made you keen to visit a beachfront property, you can check out all of these places in Connecticut.

Just bear in mind that they are further apart than they appear in the film. 


Where was Sand Dollar Cove Set?

Despite being filmed throughout Connecticut, Sand Dollar Cove is actually set within North Carolina.

Created by Nancy Naigle, Sand Dollar Cove is a fictional beach town. This town was formed in 1674, giving it plenty of history. 

The reason why Connecticut was chosen over North Carolina as a filming location is unknown.

However, it was likely more affordable and practical. Moreover, the location scout may simply have preferred this setting and believed that it worked better as this fictional town.

Given how beautiful the film is, we are inclined to agree. The film’s location manager and scout was Eric Napier, who has worked on several fabulous films throughout his career. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Movies Find Filming Locations?

The first step in finding filming locations is to hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.

A location scout will take you through the process of finding the perfect place for your movie. 

A location scout will talk to the director and producer of a film to find out what qualities are needed in a filming location.

For example, if a location needs a modern feel, then a gothic mansion is probably not going to work.

If there are any specific requirements, then these must be met before a location is considered suitable.

Once a location has been chosen, the location scout will arrange a meeting with the owner of the property.

At this point, the property owner will usually agree to let the crew use the property.

Who is Chad Michael Murray?

Chad Michael Murray is an American actor who has appeared in many movies and television shows.

He has starred in the TV shows One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Agent Carter, and Riverdale. In Sand Dollar Cove, he portrays Brody Bradshaw. 

What is the Hallmark Channel?

The Hallmark Channel is a cable channel founded in 1995. They produce and air several films throughout the year.

These films usually fit into the genres of romance, family, comedy, and romantic comedy, though Hallmark also makes films for specific holidays.

For example, this channel is renowned for its Christmas content. 

Final Thoughts

With any luck, this informative guide will have answered your questions about this movie.

We hope that you enjoyed reading through our article as much as we liked writing it.

Now that you know where this movie was filmed, you can book yourself a holiday and have a relaxing stay at this lovely location.

You’ll feel as though you are in the Sand Dollar Cove!

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