Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed?

Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed

Gilmore Girls is a TV series that won the hearts of people across the globe. It depicted a unique mother-daughter relationship that was honest, funny, emotional, and most importantly of all, completely relatable. 

The backdrop of Rory and Loreli’s story was also profoundly important to the series.

It was set in Stars Hollow, an almost unbelievably quirky small town in Connecticut that housed equally quirky residents. 

From the friendly local diner which was the setting for many pivotal moments in the show, to the unorthodox town meetings full of eccentric characters, fans around the world fell in love with Stars Hollow just as much as they did with Lorelai and Rory. 

As such, many of the show’s fans are now wondering, where was Gilmore Girls filmed?

And, does Stars Hollow actually exist? If you’ve also pondered such questions, you’re in the right place! 

Check out the in-depth article below to learn more about where this iconic show was filmed. 

Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed

Is Stars Hollow A Real Town? 

If you’re anything like us, you’ve dreamed of visiting the town of Stars Hollow so you can pop into the local diner for a coffee and take a stroll around the town square.

But, unfortunately, this isn’t possible. The town of Stars Hollow is fictional. The crew didn’t film the show in a real small town or even a location on the east coast. 

Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed? 

So, if they didn’t film Gilmore Girls in a real town… where on earth did they film it? Well, Gilmore Girls relied mainly on that good old Hollywood magic. Most of the series was shot completely within the Warner Bros studio backlot. 

The studio itself is in Burbank, California. It was filmed in the same place as many other loved TV shows, such as Friends, Blade Runner, and Pretty Little Liars.

In fact, the Gilmore Girls set was often used in Pretty Little Liars (yes – you have seen that gazebo before!).  

If you’re feeling devastated because you were looking forward to waltzing around the charming Stars Hollow, not all hope is lost. You can purchase a ticket to visit the Warner Bros Studio and receive a tour around their sets. 

Where Were The Chilton Scenes Filmed? 

Whilst most of the series was filmed in a studio, the scenes that included Rory’s prep school, Chilton, were actually filmed on location in Beverly Hills. The school played a very important part in the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls. 

When filming the exterior of the school, the crew used the Greystone Mansion in California.

This building is as historic and lavish as it looks. It was originally built in 1927. It took three years to build and cost over $3 million. 

The crew also branched out when filming for some of the show’s collegiate moments (which were plentiful). They used college campuses that were not far from the Warner Bros lot to capture some of these iconic and important scenes. 

The City That Inspired Stars Hollow 

The town of Stars Hollow is based on the actual town of Washington, CT. The show creator stayed at the Mayflower Inn when on a trip to New York and was taken aback by the charming, warm, and magical atmosphere. 

The Mayflower Inn would go on to be the primary inspiration for Lorelai’s inn in Gilmore Girls.

According to the creator, it is the perfect place to stay for a weekend whilst you explore the surrounding small-town charm. It also served delicious food and occasionally hosted weddings – just like Lorelai’s!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some burning Gilmore Girls-related questions – don’t fret, you are not alone!

Check out these frequently asked questions. You’ll be an expert on all things Gilmore Girls in no time at all. 

Where Do Rory’s Grandparents Live? 

In Gilmore Girls, Rory’s grandparents lived in Hartford, Connecticut.

However, individuals from the city have come out and said that Richard and Emily, Rory’s grandparents, would have likely lived in West Hartford instead of the city as they claimed. 

Whilst this is likely to be true in the context of the series, in actuality, Richard and Emily’s house was nowhere near Hartford.

In the pilot episode, the crew filmed a house in Toronto for Emily and Richard’s abode. 

However, after the show was picked up, the crew created a false exterior for their house in California. This front was modeled after a mansion in the area – even the gates are a perfect match! 

What Else Was Filmed On The Set Of Stars Hollow? 

Believe it or not, a number of other successful TV shows have been filmed using the set of Stars Hollow. 

The popular TV series ‘You’ is just one of the most recent productions to utilize the Stars Hollow set.

When watching the dramatic program, eager-eyed fans noticed that Love’s bakery in season three was situated just adjacent to Luke’s Diner. 

The set was also used a lot in the show Pretty Little Liars. In fact, plenty of Stars Hollow is visible in the town of Rosewood. Luke’s Diner, Stars Hollow High, and Kim’s Antiques were used frequently. 

Finally, many fans noticed that Stars Hollow made an appearance in a very popular Hollywood film – La La Land.

In one scene, the characters walk across the entire backlot. Luke’s diner is often visible too! The bakery from You is also displayed. 

How Did Lorelai Afford Her House? 

Ah, yes. Whilst we absolutely adore Gilmore Girls, we can’t deny that there are a few plot holes, and this one is particularly large.

According to real estate sites, the Gilmore house in Stars Hollow would cost around $2.8 million. 

Considering Lorelai is a single parent who refuses to accept monetary help from her family, it is difficult to conceive just how she was able to afford this house – especially when you consider the extent to which she and Rory order take out!

Unfortunately, there’s no real way of getting around this plot hole.

No matter how much she was able to save on a manager’s salary, there is just no way that she could realistically afford the home that she and Rory live in.

But, we love the show so much that we’re willing to overlook this one little detail. 


So there you have it! We hope that our list has answered your questions about where Gilmore Girls was shot. If you had high hopes of traveling to the magical town of Stars Hollow, we are sorry to disappoint you.

But, if you fancy experiencing some nostalgia and testing your fan knowledge, why not watch You or Pretty Little Liars and try to spot some of the set! 

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